FoxFury Taker B30 LED Light

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FoxFury Taker B30 for Bellfire FRS Shield provides operators with a powerful  600 lumen LED external light attachment. This strobe-capable shield light attaches to the front of the Bellfire FRS to provides tactical officers with panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment to see and respond faster. The ultra-durable B30 is waterproof, flame resistant, and designed for use in anti-riot situations along with dynamic and deliberate entries by SWAT, military special operations, and law enforcement around the globe.


  • Powerful  600 lumen LED external light attachment
  • Waterproof and flame resistant
  • Designed for use in anti-riot situations
  • Single pressure switch that activates the light and changes modes
  • Dual light settings: On/Off and Tactical (3 modes: Momentary, Continuous On, and disorienting Turbo-Strobe™)
  • Kill switch: Allows the operator to lock out the light from unintentional activation
  • Taker B30 mounts to the front of ballistic shields via industrial strength re-closable fasteners (Velcro®), which means no drilling into the shield and no compromising shield ballistics


Bellfire FRS